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Feel the need to update your home after the summer?

Are you just back from your vacation and it feels somewhat grey and gloomy, do you think your home needs something new and fresh ? Why not update your walls with some calming new minimalistic photo art! Here are some advices:   Think in series - put not only one single artwork on your wall, put severals! Think either in pairs or in series of

Feel the need to update your home after the summer?2021-08-17T14:46:23+00:00

Participate in a minimal photo book

I´m proud to be one of 30 photographers from 22 countries that participate in "Less is more" a minimalistic photo book published by Almalusa Publishing. 184 pages plus covers. 6 of my works included. Only 35 EUR plus shipping ( 8 EUR for Europe and 11 EUR for rest of the world) DEADLINE June 25th. Contact me at to get your own copy!  

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Most liked picture ever

Last year I was a guest host for a week over at the Instagram for the Swedish Photography museum - Fotografiska - who are situated in Stockholm, New York and Tallin. It was the second time I hosted there and it was so much fun gaining all that attention and appreciations for my works. Not only did 5 of my photos get into the top

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Have you discovered Mixtiles yet ?

Mixtiles is the global success company who deliver these easy to assemble artworks for your photos from your phones cameraroll. I have them myself! They have also started up an printed art collection, still with that cool feature where you can hang them on the wall without leaving any marks.. - and I am a part of it ! Check it out by clicking here

Have you discovered Mixtiles yet ?2021-05-17T11:25:34+00:00
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