I am glad to be part of Luka Gallerys digital exhibition with 49 artists from 27 countries – starting november 22nd – click here for my portfolio there


Luka is current, contemporary, connected to a new world that is much more interactive and dynamic, where everything happens and changes, with the speed of a click. Luka was born in the urban environment of a pandemic, chaotic world, seeking to leave the commonplace and explore his space, even though this is the limits of his home. It leaves the commonplace, breaks the status quo of conformism of the routine of being who one was in a past time, breaking boundaries, physical, geographical, mental, and arriving wherever you want, without borders, without masks, without old paradigms.

Luka has no gender, no ethnicity, no pre-determined characteristics, Luka is a little bit of everything, a little bit of everyone. ​ Luka seeks to promote the art production and market, in a virtual way, connected to the new world and the new way of interacting between artists and the general public. In a completely digital way, the exhibitions reach the client wherever he is, anywhere in the world, taking the artist to cross borders with the best he can do: reading the world through his art. ​

Through the digital magazine, readers can learn more about the artists and their creations, with exclusive interviews and super interesting content! And, at each edition, which will take place quarterly while the exhibition lasts, Luka will pay homage to some important city in the world, thus taking the exhibitions to a digital arts circuit!