Together with Artebinaria I have created a exhibition in the Artinside Gallery – the first art gallery without walls in augmented reality. I have a own pavilion in the gallery, a pavilion that is a dynamic exhibition space, in which my artworks come to life in front of each visitor.

You can use the ”Artinside Galley+” app on your device wherever and whenever you want, and thus visit my exhibit and my Pavilion in your living room, in your garden, in the middle of a famous square or even in a breathtaking panoramic spot, such as in the middle of a forest, or at the foot of a glacier!

My artworks therefore materialize in 3D and in their natural size, as if they were hanging on the walls of invisible rooms, which do not conceal the environment in which you as a visitor finds yourself at the moment, on the contrary, the surrounding space, light and sounds interact the artworks themselves, creating unusual and unexpeted emotions in each visitor.

For the first time, this opens up for me the possibility of setting up an imaginary dialogue between my artworks and my public, at any time and in any part of the world.

So download the free app ”Artinside Gallery +”  – you find it for Iphone/iPad here – and start to explore something you probably have never done before ! Why not take and share screenshots and screen recordings of your visit ! If so – tag me at @marcuscederberg 

Welcome to Art in Augmented Reality !